How to Connect Mac to HP Printer? |

What are the steps to Connect Mac to HP Printer?

Here are the steps to connect the Mac to the HP Printer. Follow these steps and get the Mac connection to the printer

Ø  Start the steps by taping the apple icon on the top of the left corner.

Ø  On this select the system preference option.

Ø  Proceed with the printers and scanners option.

Ø  Tap the +symbol to add the printer to the system.

Ø  A new window will get open and then enter the IP icon and fill the needed information.

Ø  Follow the on screen instruction.

Ø  Check that your printer’s name is on the add printers list.

Ø  Make sure whether the printer is configured with the device by printing a alignment page.

 How do I download the driver for the HP printer?  

Ø  After connecting the wireless network to the printer, you will receive the notification regarding the system update.

Ø  Browse to the and enter the model number of your printer.

Ø  You will get the list of software and choose the driver which is compatible with your printer.

Ø  Once done start to download the driver.

Ø  You can get the driver file on the download file option on the system.

Ø  Allow the driver to run and install .

Ø  Accept the license to install the driver.

Ø  Check that there is any issue arise after the driver installation.

Ø  Make a print of the alignment page and check that there are any issues after the driver installation.

 Troubleshooting in the driver installation

Ø  Check that you have downloaded the correct version of the driver for the installation.

Ø  Also, check that the there is the proper wireless network to the printer and the device.

Ø  Make sure that you have entered the correct site for the driver installation.

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