HP Envy Photo 7855 Driver installation steps

After completing the necessary steps on the HP Envy Photo 7855 printer. Once these initial steps are over, you can process to make the driver installation steps on the printer. For the driver installation, you need to surf to the 123.hp.com/setup7855 and get the compatible driver. For this driver installation,you need to get the network settings to the printer.

Steps to make the network settings on the printer

·        Turn on the printer and complete the initials steps on the printer.

·        Then navigate to the settings on the printer.

·        Tap on the wireless option.

·        Choose the wireless setup wizard option from the list.

·        Then wait until you get the network name on the list.

·        After getting the list pick the name of the network from the list.

·        Provide the password and connect the network to the printer.

·        It is always good to check that the network available on the printer.

·        Take a test print and check that there is any issue on the printer .

Steps to make the driver download on the HP Envy Photo 7855

·        After the network connection to the printer start to get the driver download installation steps.

·        Open the browser and surf to the 123.hp.com/setup 7855 site.

·        Then tap on the printer option.

·        Type the printer model number on the site.

·        After getting the proper driver model which suits to your printer.

·        Then start to download and install to the printer.

·        Now connect the.printer to the computer.

·        Then install the driver to the printer.

·        Run the driver and install the printer.

·        After getting the driver installation to the printer start to process to the printing on the printer.

For further tips and tricks on the 123.hp.com/setup 7855, get in touch with our expert team number +1-850-761-8950 and get rid of the issues. Just visit our site 123.hp.com/setup.