How to setup and Install the HP Printer via

For any HP Printer model,there exist few 123 hp com setup & installation steps to guide you. For all the brand new models, it’s the first time printer setup to be done first.

Want to know what are the 123 hp com setup steps?
  • Collect the preliminary requisites -Both hardware & software requisites are must & you require wired or Ethernet cable and power cable.
Get the matching software
  • Software download- You can either visit the webpage or slide the CD to the computer to extract the software setup file
Start activating the Network connection

·        Enable the wireless icon visiting the control panel.Choose the wireless setup wizard & proceed to answer the instructions of the wizard without missing any steps.

·        If you have automatic wireless connect feature, use it& the network connection will be automatic.

·        If the existing network connection that you choose is not active, switch over to an alternate network connection.

Last & final step- Proceed with the remaining 123 hp com setup steps

 For new models- Execute the first time printer setup

The first time 123 hp com setup include sliding the required cables, inserting the cartridge to the required slot, removing the protective tapes that surround the printer and much more.


This step is essential as errors often popup and you need to get rid of the errors as early as possible.

  • If it’s a printing error- Stop or delete the existing print jobs & try again
  • For scan error, verify the scanning software & the respective  settings
  • Use the scan tool & run it once to get rid of most of the  errors

It’s easy to execute 123 hp com setup steps& it’s our suggestion to contact our customer support @ +1-850-761-8950 executives if you do not know how to proceed with the setup guide.