HP Printer Offline to online

How to solve my HP Printer Offline Error on my windows 10 computer?

Guidelines can help you to solve the HP Printer Offline Error:

·        At first, power off your HP Printer and remove all the cables for some time.

·        After some time, make sure to rejoin all the cables.

·        Secondly, link the HP printer with your computer.

·        Next, turn on your HP printer by pressing the Power button.

·        Moreover, navigate to your computer, click the Start or Windows option.

·        Now, move to Settings or get it by typing in the Find bar.

·        Thirdly, click the Devices,Bluetooth, printer & mouse on your computer.

·        On the left pane, under Home,choose printers & scanners option.

·        After that, tap the Add printer option.

·        Similarly, from the printer’s control panel, press the setting option. And then choose Network.

·        Further, you must select the Wireless Network Wizard option.

·        Now, tap ton your wireless network name from the available list.

·        Then, make sure to input the network key into the field.

·        Make the confirmation by pressing the OK button.

·        Finally, HP printer offline error windows 10 is now solved.

·        The HP printer is all set and ready to begin printing.

 Solving the error HP Printer says offline on Mac

 Proceed with the below steps to fix the HP printer offline error:

·        At first, power off the HP printer and disconnect it from power.

·        Secondly,link your Mac device with your network to the HP printer.

·        Moreover,from the HP support site, download the HP printer assistant.

·        Thirdly,power on the printer and connect it to the Mac printer.

·        Similarly,the HP printer and the Mac device must get the same network access.

·        Finally,once finishing with this, the HP printer is set to print.

·        And this shall solve the HP printer error stating that the HP printer is offline.


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