HP Deskjet 3830 Wireless Printer Setup

Before you start the HP wireless setup for the HP Deskjet 3830 printer make sure you have completed the basic settings like connecting the printer to the power supply, loading the paper and the ink cartridge, completing the initial setting in the printer panel and then the wireless setting. Once the wireless setup is over, you need to surf to the 123.hp.com/dj3830 and install the driver to the printer.

Steps to connect the HP Deskjet 3830 printer to the wireless setup

ü  After making all the general setup to the printer.

ü  Move to the settings option on the printer panel.

ü  Then proceed with the wireless wizard option on the printer.

ü  It is always best to choose the wireless option than the wired network.

ü  As the wired network may cause the issue in connecting and producing a stable network.

ü  Tap the wireless network option and wait until the printer finds your home router network.

ü  After your home network's SSID is available on the list, select your router's name and enter the password to connect the printer to the wireless network.

ü  Once the network is connected, you receive the message regarding the software update on the printer panel.

ü  To update the software, browse to the site 123.hp.com/setup 3830 and update the software.

HP Deskjet 3830 printer wireless setup for the windows

ü  For adding the printer to the windows tap on the control panel.

ü  Proceed with the devices and printers option.

ü  Select the add printer option.

ü  And wait until the specific printer model is available on the list.

ü  Then tap on the particular name and add the printer to the windows.

HP Desk jet 3830 printer wireless setup to the MAC

ü  Tap on the apple icon and go to the system and preference option. 

ü  Select the operating system and wait until the particular printer model available on the list.

ü  Then select the printer model and tap the +icon to add the printer to the MAC device.

For further details on the 123.hp.com/dj3830 get in touch with our customer support team number +1-850-761-8950 and resolve the issue. just visit our site 123.hp.com/setup