HP DeskJet 3511 wireless setup instructions

HP DeskJet 3511 wireless setup instructions are here for your reference. Complete the setup and start printing. With the Inkjet color printing technology and the top features, this printer offers excellent print results in good speed. Features are many to explore and if you are a new user, check out the device review post to get an idea.

Hardware connection

·        Take out the printer from the package, if its new.

·        Connect the hardware. It’s  important to identify the exact input port.

 Network connection

·        Then choose the appropriate network settings.

·        The wireless setup wizard is  recommended to  connect HPDeskJet 3511 to the network.

·        Tap on the wireless icon and then Go to the appropriate network settings.

·        Select the option, wireless  setup wizard.

·        Start answering the  guidelines one by one.

·        You are requested to wait until the network connection is active.

How to download and install HP DeskJet 3511 software?

To download and install HP DeskJet 3511 software,you can either use the tools such as HP easy start  or visit the driver download page. HP DeskJet 3511 software is available to use with the Windows and the Mac version. 

·        To start with, you can choose the compatible software and driver download page.

·        Then provide the required data that include the name and the Email ID.

·        You can view the software search results.

·        Now select and extract the software setup file to the required folder.

·        Tap on the setup file and proceed with the on screen guide.

·        Go back to the setup steps to proceed. 

How to troubleshoot HP DeskJet 3511 wireless setup issues?

·        Choose the appropriate HP DeskJet 3511 wireless setup method .

·        Verify the settings and also the wireless network username and the password.

Disconnect  the device from the Internet and then connect after a while 

·        Check if performing the  device restart can  fix the HP DeskJet 3511 wireless setup errors.

·        If  the existing connection doesn’t work, switch to a connection that can offer better performance.

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